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  • July Innovation Lunch: Innovation in Unusual Places

      Join Centric for our July Innovation Lunch. Indiana Humanities’ President and CEO, Keira Amstutz, will share about finding innovation in unusual places and 5 ways to think about that innovation in your own work. Indiana Humanities connects people, opens minds and enriches lives by creating and facilitating programs that encourage Hoosiers to think, read and talk. [...]

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  • (My) innovation lessons from the World Cup…

    Goooaaaaaal!!!!!!! The 2014 fútbol World Cup was a success in many ways. Highest goal average per game, German striker Klose beating the record of goals scored over several world cups, highest average number of passes per game, record score in a semi-final (7-1)… However, like in any competitive environment, successes come along with failures and [...]

  • Don’t be afraid of change.

    C’est comme ça. Early this year, Monday January 24’sviolent attacks by striking cab drivers on Uber cars in Paris — with protesters shattering windows, smashing mirrors and slashing tires — were the perfect illustration of change resistance from an industry which has championed the status quo for decades. Cab drivers said Uber and apps like it, which allow customers to [...]

  • Roadblocks Are Opportunities For Successful Innovation

    Some people see a roadblock in their way and stop. They do not know how to get around the metaphorical wall and many give up. Innovators see roadblocks as an opportunity to seek alternative routes for a solution. An innovator sees the same metaphorical wall as an opportunity to act.  More so, a successful innovator [...]

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